Centenarians' Quips - 1000 Years of Memories by I. David Cohen

Centenarians’ Quips

“Who could imagine anyone living beyond 100.”

Years ago the most memorable time of the day was listening to the soap operas on the radio.

My family lost everything during the depression of the 1930’s.

I wish I could remember all the names of my grand and great- grandchildren.

Franklin Roosevelt was the last great president of the United States.

I have no five year plan.

Boy, could Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance!”

Today’s cars have too many buttons.

People need to talk more and text less.

In my next life I don’t want any wrinkles.

Age 100…one more year of existence down the drain.

I wish I could only remember the good times.

Life is one long process of getting tired.”’

Photo Credit: Roby90 Flickr via Compfight cc